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Cabrini Faculty / Staff

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Faculty / Staff Results

Paul Wright

NEA- Public Safety
Department: Public Safety
Email Address: pw10144@cabrini.edu

Dr Paul R Wright

Assoc Professor, English
Department: English
Phone: (610) 902-8270
Email Address: paul.r.wright@cabrini.edu

Dr. Daniel D Wu

Asst Prof Comp & Info Science
Department: Master's in Data Science
Phone: (610) 902-1081
Email Address: daniel.d.wu@cabrini.edu

Guang Yang

Instructor, Marketing
Department: Business Administration
Email Address: gy10023@cabrini.edu

Linda Yedinak-Meyers

Adjunct, Teacher Ed Graduate
Department: Educational Policy & Leadership
Email Address: ly10040@cabrini.edu

Mary Beth Yount

Adjunct, Religious Studies
Department: Religious Studies
Email Address: my10094@cabrini.edu

Ms Catherine Yungmann

Prof. Emerita, Communication
Department: Communication
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: catherine.yungmann@cabrini.edu

Mr Robert M Zakrzewski

Adjunct, English
Department: English
Phone: (610) 902-1098
Email Address: robert.m.zakrewski@cabrini.edu

Dr Maliha S Zaman

Asst Provost Inst Research&Eff
Department: Institutional Research
Phone: (610) 902-8502
Email Address: maliha.s.zaman@cabrini.edu

Robert Zawatski

Department: English
Email Address:

Walter T Zdunowski

Department: Sociology and Criminology
Phone: (610) 902-1098
Email Address: wz10007@cabrini.edu

Mr. Matthew David Zeffert

Asst Coach, Women's Soccer
Department: Women's Soccer
Phone: (610) 902-3171
Email Address: mz10135@cabrini.edu

Mr. David Zeffert

Asst Coach, Women's Soccer
Department: Women's Soccer
Email Address: dz10064@cabrini.edu

Frances P Zellman

Manager Budget & Financial Pla
Department: Business Office
Phone: (610) 902-8465
Email Address: fz10016@cabrini.edu

Mr Jonathan J Zeminski

Department: Business Administration
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: jonathan.j.zeminski@cabrini.edu

Mr Chong Zhang

Non-Employee Associate
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Phone: (215) 895-1298
Email Address: cz339@cabrini.edu

Mr Daniel Zubek

NEA - Collegis Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: dz346@cabrini.edu

Dr Jerome R Zurek

Professor, Communications
Department: Communication
Phone: (610) 902-8360
Email Address: jerome.r.zurek@cabrini.edu

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