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Cabrini Faculty / Staff

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Faculty / Staff Results

Mrs. Meghan Junor

Assist Director Residence Life
Department: Residence Life
Phone: (610) 902-8411
Email Address:

Abdelmajid Kamar

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 939-0787
Email Address: ak10692@cabrini.edu

Ms Elizabeth Georgia Kanaras

Procurement Manager
Department: Business Office
Phone: (610) 902-8283
Email Address: elizabeth.g.kanaras@cabrini.edu

Bradley Kane

Assistant Coach, Golf
Department: Men's Golf
Email Address: bk10285@cabrini.edu

Mr Shawn Kaplan

Department: Men's Lacrosse
Phone: (610) 902-3171
Email Address: shawn.kaplan@cabrini.edu

Jing Bi Karchin

Adjunct, Biology
Department: Science Department
Phone: (610) 902-8340
Email Address: jk10809@cabrini.edu

Mr Ronald M Katkocin

Adjunct, Business Admin
Department: Business Administration
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: ronald.michael.katkocin@cabrini.edu

Ms Karen J Kauffman

Department: Fine Arts
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: karen.j.kauffman@cabrini.edu

Mr Kenneth L Kauffman

Department: Fine Arts
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: kenneth.kauffman@cabrini.edu

Ms Molly Welsh Kearney

Alumni Board Vice President
Department: Alumni Board
Phone: (610) 902-8212
Email Address: molly.welsh.kearney@cabrini.edu

Carly Kearney

Program Develop Coord,Nursing
Department: Nursing
Phone: (610) 902-1020
Email Address: ck10511@cabrini.edu

Naim Keith

NEA- Public Safety Officer
Department: Public Safety
Email Address: kn10240@cabrini.edu

Colleen Kelley

Department: Graphic Design
Email Address: ck10504@cabrini.edu

Debra K Kelly

Sr. Career Services Specialist
Department: Center for Career and Prof. Devel.
Email Address: dk10357@cabrini.edu

Mrs Tracey L Kemery

Dir of Enrollment Ops
Department: Enrollment Operations
Phone: (610) 902-8736
Email Address: tracey.l.kelly@cabrini.edu

Mr Douglas Kent

Department: Teacher Education-Graduate
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: douglas.kent@cabrini.edu

Mr Todd A Kern

Sr. Network Engineer
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Phone: (610) 902-8366
Email Address: todd.kern@cabrini.edu

Dr Gifty Akomea Key

Assistant Professor Health Sci
Department: Health Sciences
Email Address: gifty.akomea.key@cabrini.edu

Ms Amber N Keys

Department: Women's Basketball
Phone: (610) 902-8318
Email Address: amber.n.keys@cabrini.edu

Courtney Killingsworth

NEA - Public Safety Officer
Department: Public Safety
Phone: (610) 902-8232
Email Address: ck10503@cabrini.edu

Mrs Jacqueline A Kirby

Department: Educational Specialist-Grad Off
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: jacqueline.a.kirby@cabrini.edu

Mrs Mary Eileen Kirchner

Department: Language
Email Address: mk7012@cabrini.edu

John Kirwan

NEA - Collegis Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: jk10802@cabrini.edu

Joshua Klaus

CSI - Housekeeping
Department: Housekeeping
Email Address: jk10820@cabrini.edu

Mrs Joan D Kleckner

Exec Assistant to the Pres
Department: President's Office
Phone: (610) 902-8201
Email Address: joan.d.kleckner@cabrini.edu

Mr Austin Klock

Volunteer Athletics Trainer
Department: Athletics
Email Address: austin.klock@cabrini.edu

Mrs Marlaina E Kloepfer

Department: Educational Leadership
Phone: (610) 902-8407
Email Address: marlaina.e.kloepfer@cabrini.edu

Dr Francis X Klose

Adjunct, Business Admin
Department: Business Administration
Phone: (610) 902-8227
Email Address: francis.x.klose@cabrini.edu

Mr John J Knebels

Adjunct, English
Department: Off Campus Education Program
Email Address: john.j.knebels@cabrini.edu

Ms Elena Knickman

Information Literacy Librarian
Department: Library
Phone: (610) 902-8196
Email Address: elena.knickman@cabrini.edu

Mr Bradley R Koch

Dir of Athletics & Recreation
Department: Athletics
Phone: (610) 902-8571
Email Address: bradley.r.koch@cabrini.edu

Mrs Jeanne M Komp

Professor Graphic Design
Department: Graphic Design
Phone: (610) 902-8313
Email Address: jeanne.m.komp@cabrini.edu

Dr Dennis M Kraichely

Department: Chemistry
Phone: (610) 902-8340
Email Address: dennis.m.kraichely@cabrini.edu

Eric Kraus

NEA- Public Safety
Department: Public Safety
Email Address: ek10327@cabrini.edu

Ms Cynthia D Kruse

Department: Dean of Education
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: cynthia.d.kruse@cabrini.edu

Ms Maureen Kuhar

Advancement Director
Department: Institutional Advancement
Phone: (610) 902-8252
Email Address: maureen.kuhar@cabrini.edu

Satish Kumar

NEA-Collegis Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: satish.kumar@cabrini.edu

Ms Amber R LaJeunesse

Director Stdt Engage/Leadershi
Department: Center for Student Engag. & Leader
Phone: (610) 902-8461
Email Address: amber.r.lajeunesse@cabrini.edu

Maria Cristina Laffredo

Department: Leadership and Organizational Dev.
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: maria.cristina.sabato@cabrini.edu

Ms Patricia A Lalli

Adjunct, Computer & Info Sci
Department: Computer and Information Sciences
Phone: (610) 902-8340
Email Address: pat.a.lalli@cabrini.edu

Mrs Rita A Lambert

Assistant Bursar
Department: Cavalier Express Center
Phone: (610) 902-8166
Email Address: rita.a.lambert@cabrini.edu

David Lander

Adjunct, Biology
Department: Biology
Phone: (610) 902-8340
Email Address: dl10439@cabrini.edu

Bianca Lanier

Public Safety Officer NEA
Department: Public Safety
Phone: (610) 902-8111
Email Address: bl10315@cabrini.edu

Mr Joseph Lanni

Networking Associate
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Phone: (610) 902-1020
Email Address: joseph.lanni@cabrini.edu

Amy Laughlin

Department: Athletics
Email Address: al10834@cabrini.edu

Ms Kelsey Elizabeth LeBlanc

Asst Coach, W Field Hockey
Department: Women's Field Hockey
Phone: (610) 902-3171
Email Address: kelsey.elizabeth.leblanc@cabrini.edu

Mr Min Lee

NEA-Collegis Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: min.lee@cabrini.edu

Mr Michael John Lee

Department: English
Phone: (610) 902-1098
Email Address: michael.john.lee@cabrini.edu

Jung-Jin Lee

Department: MS Biological Sciences
Phone: (610) 902-8340
Email Address: jl10952@cabrini.edu

Dr Colleen M Lelli

Associate Professor, Education
Department: Educational Specialist
Phone: (610) 902-8466
Email Address: colleen.lelli@cabrini.edu

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