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Cabrini Faculty / Staff

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Faculty / Staff Results

Ms Nancy N Douglas

Department: Institutional Advancement
Phone: (610) 902-8226
Email Address: nancy.n.douglas@cabrini.edu

Bashir Dow

NEA Sodexo
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 902-8505
Email Address: bd10382@cabrini.edu

Zachary Downey

NEA- Athletic Trainer
Department: Athletics
Email Address: zd7003@cabrini.edu

Ms Therese R Doyle

Department: Women's Field Hockey
Email Address: trd52@cabrini.edu

Christopher Doyle

NEA- ITR/Collegis
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: cd7011@cabrini.edu

Ms Margaret Doyle

Department: Women's Field Hockey
Phone: (610) 902-3171
Email Address:

Mr John C Doyle

Assist Prof, Communication
Department: Communication
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: john.c.doyle@cabrini.edu

Fr David Driesch

Non-Employee Supervisor
Department: Campus Ministry
Email Address: dd10643@cabrini.edu

Helen Drinan

Department: President's Office
Email Address: hd7007@cabrini.edu

Mrs. Shenna Driscall

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 902-8515
Email Address: sd10707@cabrini.edu

Mr Robert B Drysdale

Asst Coach, Women's Basketball
Department: Women's Basketball
Phone: (610) 902-8387
Email Address: robert.b.drysdale@cabrini.edu

Valerie Dudley

Department: Educational Policy & Leadership
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: vd349@cabrini.edu

Robert Duffy

Department: English
Email Address: rd7008@cabrini.edu

Kathryn Consorti Dumas

Grants Specialist
Department: Institutional Advancement
Phone: (610) 902-8187
Email Address: kd10783@cabrini.edu

Lailah Dunbar

Director, Office of DEI
Department: Diversity Initiatives
Phone: (610) 902-1061
Email Address: ld7004@cabrini.edu

Shane Ryan Duncan

NEA- Coordinator, NextSteps Am
Department: Wolfington Center
Email Address: sd10741@cabrini.edu

Suzie Dusek

ITR - Collegis
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: sd10749@cabrini.edu

Claudia Dustin

School Assistant-TCS
Department: Children's School
Email Address: cd7009@cabrini.edu

Ms Bethany Duthie

Department: Business Administration
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: bethany.duthie@cabrini.edu

Daniel J Dye

Lab Mgr Chem Hygiene Off
Department: Science Department
Phone: (610) 902-8507
Email Address: dd7017@cabrini.edu

Kylie Edmond

NEA - Collegis SIG Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: ke7003@cabrini.edu

Kiara Edney

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 902-8505
Email Address: ke10224@cabrini.edu

Ms Tracy Eells

General Manager, Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 902-8152
Email Address: tracy.eells@cabrini.edu

Mr Ryan Ehrhardt

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Email Address: ryan.ehrhardt@cabrini.edu

Carlos Tasso Eira de Aquino

Department: Master of Business Administration
Email Address: ce7004@cabrini.edu

Mrs Nancy M Eliason

Department: Philosophy and Liberal Studies
Phone: (610) 902-1098
Email Address: nancy.m.eliason@cabrini.edu

Mr Henry Ellis

CSI - Housekeeping
Department: Housekeeping
Phone: (610) 902-8244
Email Address: he58@cabrini.edu

Ramae Ellis

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 902-8505
Email Address: re10124@cabrini.edu

Mr Christopher Elphick

Department: Master of Accounting
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: christopher.elphick@cabrini.edu

Bansecr Emayer

NEA - Collegis
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: be10125@cabrini.edu

Mr Gabriel Esposito

Department: Grant Org Program Code 10
Email Address: gabriel.esposito@cabrini.edu

Mr Brian C Eury

COS SVP Strategic Initiatives
Department: Community Dev. and Ext. Relations
Phone: (610) 902-8734
Email Address: brian.c.eury@cabrini.edu

Vanesa Evers

Department: Library
Phone: (610) 902-8620
Email Address: ve10035@cabrini.edu

Mrs Janice Ewing

Department: Educational Specialist-Grad Off
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: janice.ewing@cabrini.edu

Patrick Excellent

NEA- Public Safety
Department: Public Safety
Email Address: pe7000@cabrini.edu

Aaron Fagalde

NEA - Collegis Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: af10759@cabrini.edu

Ms Cynthia Falcone

Department: Business Office
Phone: (610) 902-8277
Email Address: cynthia.s.falcone@cabrini.edu

Mr Robert Martin Falin

Department: Sociology and Criminology
Phone: (610) 246-1385
Email Address: rf7001@cabrini.edu

Lauren Falini

Department: Exercise Science & Hlth Promotion
Phone: (610) 902-8340
Email Address:

Ms Sara Farina

SR. Stud Accessibility Spec.
Department: Accessibility Resource Center
Phone: (610) 902-8390
Email Address: sara.farina@cabrini.edu

Dr Katie A Farina

Assoc Professor, Criminology
Department: Sociology and Criminology
Phone: (610) 902-8223
Email Address: katie.a.farina@cabrini.edu

Frank Farrell

Department: Religious Studies
Email Address: ff7002@cabrini.edu

Mr. Benjamin Feinberg

Department: Master's in Data Science
Phone: (610) 902-8340
Email Address: bf10256@cabrini.edu

Ms Marti O Feiner

Teacher, TCS
Department: Children's School
Phone: (610) 964-6112
Email Address: marti.o.carnovale@cabrini.edu

Winston Ferguson

NEA- Mailroom Assistant
Department: Mailroom
Email Address: wf7001@cabrini.edu

Mrs Anne F Filippone

Dean for Student Eng & Ldship
Department: Mission, DEI & Student Engagement
Phone: (610) 902-8407
Email Address: anne.filippone@cabrini.edu

Mr Chris Filkins

NEA - Collegis
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: chris.filkins@cabrini.edu

Dr Michelle L Filling-Brown

Associate Provost for AA
Department: Academic Affairs
Phone: (610) 902-8311
Email Address: michelle.l.filling-brown@cabrini.edu

Mrs Ariadna Fink

Department: Language
Phone: (610) 902-1098
Email Address: ariadna.fink@cabrini.edu

Theresa Fischer

NEA - APSI Inst. Macro & Micro
Department: Conferences and Events
Email Address: tf10250@cabrini.edu

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