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Cabrini Faculty / Staff

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Faculty / Staff Results

Dr Roberta C Jacquet

Department: English
Phone: (610) 902-1098
Email Address: roberta.c.jacquet@cabrini.edu

Mr Sean Jaeger

Head Coach, Men's Tennis
Department: Men's Tennis
Email Address: sean.jaeger@cabrini.edu

Ms Tangi James-Boone

Instructor, Marketing
Department: Business Administration
Email Address: tangi.james-boone@cabrini.edu

David Jamieson

Department: Leadership and Organizational Dev.
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: dj10261@cabrini.edu

Father Carl Fr Janicki

Director of Campus Ministry
Department: Campus Ministry
Phone: (610) 902-8438
Email Address: carl.janicki@cabrini.edu

Alexis Jankowski

Director Conferences & Event P
Department: Conferences and Events
Phone: (610) 902-8284
Email Address: aj10453@cabrini.edu

Mrs Catherine A Jarlsberg

Payroll Specialist
Department: Business Office
Phone: (610) 902-8278
Email Address: catherine.a.jarlsberg@cabrini.edu

Mr Jack Jenkins

NEA - Collegis Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: jj873@cabrini.edu

Dr. Shantelle K. Jenkins

Department: Educational Policy & Leadership
Phone: (610) 902-1047
Email Address: sj7031@cabrini.edu

Mrs Hyoeun (Eunice) Jeon

Department: Chorus & Jazz Ensemble
Email Address: hj7089@cabrini.edu

Mr Orlin J Jespersen

Assoc Dir Athletic Rec & Comm
Department: Intramurals and Recreation
Phone: (610) 225-3909
Email Address: orlin.j.jespersen@cabrini.edu

Mark D Jesse

Athletics Intern
Department: Athletics
Phone: (610) 902-3171
Email Address: mj10385@cabrini.edu

Mr Rod L Johnson

Assistant Baseball Coach
Department: Baseball
Phone: (610) 902-3904
Email Address: rod.l.johnson@cabrini.edu

Ms Jane Johnson

NEA - Collegis Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: jane.johnson@cabrini.edu

Dr Marilyn Johnson

Professor, English
Department: English
Phone: (610) 902-8362
Email Address: marilyn.l.johnson@cabrini.edu

Mrs Rachel M Johnson

Department: Sociology and Criminology
Phone: (610) 902-1098
Email Address: rachel.m.johnson@cabrini.edu

Ms Kathleen M Johnson

Dir. Disability Resource Ctr
Department: Disability Resource Center
Phone: (610) 902-8572
Email Address: kathleen.m.johnson@cabrini.edu

MS. Alexis Johnson

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 902-8505
Email Address: aj10449@cabrini.edu

Ms Denise M Johnston

Assoc Director Human Resources
Department: Human Resources
Phone: (610) 902-8207
Email Address: denise.m.johnston@cabrini.edu

Dr Josephine Johnston

Department: Teacher Education-Graduate
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: josephine.johnston@cabrini.edu

Mr Christopher B Jones

Serials & Circ Library Assoc
Department: Library
Phone: (610) 902-8538
Email Address: christopher.b.jones@cabrini.edu

Mr Tyron Jones

NEA- Public Safety Officer
Department: Public Safety
Phone: (610) 902-8232
Email Address: tyron.jones@cabrini.edu

Ms Tina Jones

Inside Track Rep Career Prof D
Department: Center for Career and Prof. Devel.
Email Address: tina.jones@cabrini.edu

Chase Jones

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 902-8505
Email Address: cj529@cabrini.edu

Krista Jones

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (267) 978-3978
Email Address: kj10312@cabrini.edu

Mr Derek L Jones

Department: Communication
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: derek.l.jones@cabrini.edu

Bansecr Jsmit

NEA - Collegis
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: bj10205@cabrini.edu

Mrs. Meghan Junor

Assist Director Residence Life
Department: Residence Life
Phone: (610) 902-8411
Email Address:

Abdelmajid Kamar

Sodexo - NEA
Department: Food Services
Phone: (610) 939-0787
Email Address: ak10692@cabrini.edu

Ms Elizabeth Georgia Kanaras

Procurement Manager
Department: Business Office
Phone: (610) 902-8283
Email Address: elizabeth.g.kanaras@cabrini.edu

Mr Shawn Kaplan

Asst Coach, Men's Lacrosse
Department: Men's Lacrosse
Phone: (610) 902-3171
Email Address: shawn.kaplan@cabrini.edu

Mr Ronald M Katkocin

Department: Business Administration
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: ronald.michael.katkocin@cabrini.edu

Mr Kenneth L Kauffman

Department: Graphic Design
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: kenneth.kauffman@cabrini.edu

Ms Karen J Kauffman

Adjunct, Fine Arts
Department: Fine Arts
Phone: (610) 902-8334
Email Address: karen.j.kauffman@cabrini.edu

Ms Molly Welsh Kearney

Alumni Board Vice President
Department: Alumni Board
Phone: (610) 902-8212
Email Address: molly.welsh.kearney@cabrini.edu

Mrs Tracey L Kemery

Sr.Assoc Dir of Enrollment Ops
Department: Enrollment Operations
Phone: (610) 902-8736
Email Address: tracey.l.kelly@cabrini.edu

Mr Douglas Kent

Adjunct, Teacher Ed Graduate
Department: Teacher Education-Graduate
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: douglas.kent@cabrini.edu

Mr Todd A Kern

Sr. Network Engineer
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Phone: (610) 902-8366
Email Address: todd.kern@cabrini.edu

Mrs Marlene Marie Kimble

Department: Educational Specialist
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: marlene.marie.kimble@cabrini.edu

Mrs Jacqueline A Kirby

Department: Educational Specialist-Grad Off
Phone: (610) 902-8500
Email Address: jacqueline.a.kirby@cabrini.edu

Mrs Mary Eileen Kirchner

Department: Language
Email Address: mk7012@cabrini.edu

Ms Caroline Kirkby

Asst Coach, M&W Swimming
Department: Swimming
Phone: (610) 902-8387
Email Address: caroline.kirkby@cabrini.edu

John Kirwan

NEA - Collegis Employee
Department: Information Technology and Resource
Email Address: jk10802@cabrini.edu

Dr Mark Kiselica

Dean School Humanities&Soc Sci
Department: Academic Affairs
Phone: (610) 902-8311
Email Address: mark.kiselica@cabrini.edu

Mrs Joan D Kleckner

Exec Assistant to the Pres
Department: President's Office
Phone: (610) 902-8201
Email Address: joan.d.kleckner@cabrini.edu

Mr Austin Klock

Volunteer Athletics Trainer
Department: Athletics
Email Address: austin.klock@cabrini.edu

Mrs Marlaina E Kloepfer

Adjunct, EDD
Department: Center for Student Engag. & Leader
Phone: (610) 902-8407
Email Address: marlaina.e.kloepfer@cabrini.edu

Dr Francis X Klose

Department: Religious Studies
Phone: (610) 902-8380
Email Address: francis.x.klose@cabrini.edu

Ms Elena Knickman

Information Literacy Librarian
Department: Library
Phone: (610) 902-8196
Email Address: elena.knickman@cabrini.edu

Mr Bradley R Koch

Dir of Athletics & Recreation
Department: Athletics
Phone: (610) 902-8571
Email Address: bradley.r.koch@cabrini.edu

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